Hello my fellow vagabonds,

I wanted to share another blog that has one of my stories.  I know if you’ve ever seriously looked into backpacking anywhere, The Broke Backpacker has shown up.  He always has some entertaining stories and no doubt has a way with words to tickle your fancy.  I am pleased to have a story on his page and hope to have more there.  Eventually as my site grows and I continue to share my adventures, my audience will hopefully grow too.

Thank you to my followers and please share my site if you find my stories informative or entertaining.


Here is the link to read my story on backpacking through the Galapagos on spring break.  I enjoyed the editing in the European English and hope you will as well.

Make sure to read some of the other stories on his site as they are quite informative.  I am very interested in going to Pakistan now and it is on my bucket list.